The colour white is formed by the wavelengths of all colours combined as one, symbolising unity and collaboration; these are the principles upon which White Wave was founded and continues to thrive on.

Let our software be the clean bright light to guide your path.


Water, a powerful force that can effect change, preserve, destroy and bring life. A wave is the fluid medium in which this great energy can travel. Our solutions aspire to emulate this fluidity, adaptability and power. Breathe life into your business by breaking barriers and obstacles, gaining the knowledge and insights you need to grow.


Water can take many forms, in a solid form it becomes hard as rock providing a solid base from which you can operate. In its fluid forms water can navigate even the smallest gap, it takes no form but adapts to the world around; Even the greatest mountain can be carved and overcome by the energy contained within. Such versatility and adaptability is reflected in all we do.

Be like water, be like White Wave...